The 22nd International Environmental Exhibition started its work with the presence of East Azerbaijan Natural Nutrition & Vegetarian Society. On the first day of the exhibition on March 13, we tried to have a friendly conversation with the enthusiasts who were present at our green booth, about vegetarian nutrition, global warming, and the relationship between vegetarianism and saving the planet. Also, in this case, workshops were conducted for our dear children by Mr. Hamed.

On the second day of the exhibition, environmentalists visited the booth and provided complementary and supportive opinions to the attendees about the impact of eating style on environmental protection.
We hope that soon with more information in such festivals, empathy will be formed between environmentalists and natural nutrition groups so that our beloved earth will be in a better condition.
In the meantime, the neighboring booths visited us and received information on nutrition replacement☺️🙏

On the third and fourth days of the exhibition, we kindly tried to answer questions about the environment, global warming, and the effect of green lifestyle on saving the planet. Also, gifts were given to the children who participated in our environmental workshop.

Due to the presence of many prominent domestic companies and research organizations at the exhibition, which displayed their latest environmental achievements, our members decided to talk to them about the importance of the vegan lifestyle and its role in environmental sustainability. Many activists who worked in the field of environment did not know about this issue. That is, it was the first time they heard that industrial livestock farming is known to be the main cause of global warming.
By the grace of God and the help of the members of the association, we have finished this important and strategic exhibition. The difference between this exhibition and previous exhibitions was that we focused more on research organizations, companies, and factories that were present in this exhibition.
Knowing why we should become vegetarians to protect our environment, our vegetarian and environment-friendly team talked to all the exhibitors.

Special thanks to the unconditional lovers of our association;
Mrs. Elham
Mrs. Samira
Mrs. Parisa
Dear Mr. Mojtaba
Dear Mr. Hamed
Dear Mr. Shahin